Russia and Europe

Resently we, russians, often wish to look like europeans. We learn foreign languages, copy way of life, moda, dishes and manners etc. We appreciate so much when they take us for germans in Stambul, for swedes – in Amsterdam and for scandinavians – in Madrid…

Why we do so? – it’s hard to understand. But the magority follow the trend – they try not to look russian.

Some succed, some not. But it works only until the place of origin (Russia) reveals and since then invisible tension appears. Like, as if someone you just acquainted, declared he served 8 years for burglary.

The reason is not that we are “undereuropeans”, it is that our  «models» from civilised Europe used to learn about russians as barbarians for ages. Europeans accepted tolerance to turkish workers, homos and addicts. But failed to do so to russians.

Here are 19-20 century maps performing image of Russia in Europe eyes.

(translated from


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