Greek Myth of Phaeton

Phaeton, the son of Phoebus Apollo the Sun God asked his father to drive the Sun Chariot pulled by wild horses. For a time his travels went well, then suddenly the horses bolted and the chariot came to close to the Earth, setting it ablaze. This was said to be the origin of volcanoes. The entire Earth was blazing, the forests burned and the land parched. The heat was so great that the peoples of Africa were burned black. amber_legends_006

The God Zeus, in an gesture to save the earth, struck Phaeton dead with a lightning bolt. Phaeton’s body fell into the River Eridanus. The nymphs of the stream pulled his body from the stream and buried him on the river bank.

After a time his three sisters, the Heliades (aka Electrides), came in search of the grave. When they found it, they vowed to stay with their dead brother and wept day and night. Their wasting bodies took root and became covered with the bark of the surrounding trees. Their arms turned to branches and eventually, the three were transformed into trees. Their tears continued to flow, and as they hardened in the sun, turned to amber.


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